Park Nights 2015: Fleur Melbourn, Thelma & Louise

In this new commission incorporating film, theatre and philosophy, artist Fleur Melbourn presents a performance in which figures from the after-life discuss mortality and the notion of blasphemy.

Art Performance previously on at Serpentine Galleries in Greater London, United Kingdom.
From Friday 31 July 2015 to Friday 31 July 2015

Park Nights 2015: Fleur Melbourn, Thelma & Louise image

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 23 June 2015.
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Fleur Melbourn (born 1987) lives and works in London. Her sculptures, films and installations touch on the catastrophic as an attempt to unpick the peculiarities of the human condition. Recent shows include Just Let Us Know, Really, (3236rls, London) andThe Chronovisor (South Kiosk/ Foodface Projects, London). She had her first solo show in 2011 at LOV, Centre d’Art Neuchâtel in Switzerland, and recently took up artist in residence at Paillard Centre d’Art Contemporain in Poncé-sur-le-Loir, France.