Saturday Talks: Post World's End Architecture, Part 2

A series of debates programmed in partnership with Spain(NOW!), exploring the concept of urban public space and its relation with political dissidence through the voices of emerging architecture practices and thinkers that consider public space the starting point to re-think the assets of our cities. With Emma Enderby, Serpentine Curator and Ethel Baraona, dpr-barcelona.

Art Talk previously on at Serpentine Galleries in Greater London, United Kingdom.
From Saturday 15 August 2015 to Saturday 15 August 2015

Saturday Talks: Post World's End Architecture, Part 2 image

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 23 June 2015.
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Session 2: Architectural Dissidence in the Public Arena
Public space is a complex scenario that involves different interests and actors including citizens, public administrations, private clients and all other parties involved in its governance. All these forms of influence also open the door to large uncertainties. Can architects and designers, through public space, stimulate citizens’ self-organisation and facilitate social interaction within communities? Can contemporary public space generate real structural changes in our contemporary system? This second session includes a lecture by architect and critic Ethel Baraona followed by an open conversation with architect and curator Gonzalo Herrero.