Curated by David Broker

Featuring: Christopher Bennie, Claire Pendrigh, Ham Darroch, Jacqueline Bradley, Jed Wolki, Ellis Hutch, Rusty Peters and Shellaine Godbold

Art Exhibition previously on at Canberra Contemporary Art Space in Australia.
From Friday 10 July 2015 to Saturday 15 August 2015

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 24 June 2015.
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Innerspace is a new show curated by CCAS Director David Broker. Many exhibitions look at space as the area around us, but in Innerspace David Broker is interested in the cosmos and making the universe mundane, often from a childish perspective. Speaking on the exhibition, David Broker said, “The artists in this show take a view of space that is more about fantasy than scientific understanding. Through this, deep space becomes a profoundly personal matter.”