Undergrowth is a non-profit, open-source collective putting together an ongoing anthology of Australian writing for publication in a digital, downloadable magazine.

Art Opportunity previously on at Undergrowth in United States.
From Thursday 01 January 2004 to Thursday 30 December 2004

Published by anonymous on Monday 29 June 2015.
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We’re looking for solid writing of a speculative/ science fiction edge that comments on a consciousness/ spirituality, psychedelic perspective and how that relates to the rapidly changing world around us now. We embrace street culture that comments on socio-political alternatives, technology, green ecology, Gaian consciousness, magick, the Archaic Revival, ethnobotany, psychedelic and doof counterculture, New Paradigm themes and writing that helps point the way to a sustainable future. This is a submissions call to creative types far and wide of a new type of publication looking for writers and artists.