Unplugged Live

Where art and music meet

Unplugged Live returns to NGV Australia this winter, running over six Sundays from 5 July – 9 August. Curated and hosted by Jae Laffer of The Panics, Unplugged Live sees contemporary music and art meet in the Gallery.

Art Performance previously on at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia in Victoria, Australia.
From Sunday 05 July 2015 to Sunday 09 August 2015

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Published by anonymous on Thursday 02 July 2015.
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Enjoy short live music sets and creative conversations in the intimate setting of 
NGV Australia’s exhibitions, including Indigenous Art: Moving backwards into the future, The Kaleidoscopic Turn and Follow the Flag: Australian Artists at War 1914-1945.

“Each week, a different contemporary artist and I will unlock the inspiration behind their works on display, followed by a conversation and short live performance with a musician, all set within the gallery space.
I want to reveal some of the fascinating links we can make between songwriting and art-making as creative practices.”
—Jae Laffer