Kate Banazi

Lamington Drive is pleased to present 'Currency' — a solo show by Kate Banazi. Concerned with the virulent standards by which we judge ourselves (and those around us), Banazi looks to our constant pursuit of perfection and the price we pay for this unattainable goal.

Art Exhibition previously on at Lamington Drive in Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 09 July 2015 to Saturday 01 August 2015

'Currency' image

Published by Lamington Drive on Friday 03 July 2015.
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A reflection on the fluctuating value of our own self-worth, ‘Currency’ examines imperfection in a world lost amid the noise of impossible ideals. Ideals imposed by our environment and, more importantly, ourselves.

‘Currency’ features a collection of silkscreen prints on Perspex. Refraining from retouching any of the silk screens, Banazi accepts the artworks in their unedited beauty. Celebrating blemishes, praising flaws and enjoying the unpredictable process of creating the work — an experience that was both challenging and liberating.

An exploration of tessellating shapes and curves, each print is layered with a variety of patterns that blend and mesh, coming in and out of focus as the viewer moves throughout the space. The sum of these individual elements elicits a visceral sense of awe and respect for each piece’s uniquely flawed beauty, allowing Banazi to play upon the notion of what our aesthetic ideals are and who gets to decide them.