Bruce Conner: It’s All True

Bruce Conner: It’s All True is the first monographic museum exhibition in New York of the artist’s work, and the first retrospective of his work in 15 years. Bruce Conner (American, 1933–2008) was one of the foremost American artists of the postwar era, working in diverse mediums including assemblage sculpture, film, drawing, printmaking, collage, and photography.

Art Exhibition previously on at The Museum of Modern Art - MoMA in New York, United States.
From Sunday 03 July 2016 to Sunday 02 October 2016

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Published by MOMA on Thursday 09 July 2015.
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Emerging from the San Francisco art scene, in which he worked for half a century, Conner’s work touches on various themes of postwar American society, from the absurdity of planned obsolescence to the dread of nuclear apocalypse. An early practitioner of found-object assemblage, Conner was simultaneously a pioneer of found-footage filmmaking. Set to pop music soundtracks, his quick-cut, often politically pointed works are considered the earliest precursors of the music video. An important voice in the American independent film community who also helped define a West Coast aesthetic in visual art, Conner created a body of work that exemplifies the kind of seamlessness between mediums that has become a hallmark of 21st-century art.