Tragic Magic

Jesse Hogan

Science is what we do when we don't know what we are doing.

Art Exhibition previously on at Until Never in Flinders Lane precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 10 September 2008 to Saturday 11 October 2008
Launch Wednesday 10 September 2008, 6 to 8pm

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Event published by anonymous on Thursday 31 July 2008.
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Eyelid-movies of crystal cathedrals.
Absurd corporeal associations, inconsequential assemblage.
Transfiguration through painterly process, the sciences of spectral colour are revealed.
A ray of light passing through refractive glass, splitting the laser into a spectral stream.
The dualities of black and white become interrupted, blurring the opposites into the centrality of grey, the now, NOW. Futures, past, present, coexist as a collaborative whole.
A plastic bag recycled a zillion times. The coming age of fluorescent grey.

Jesse Hogan 2008

TRAGIC MAGIC uses the language of science along-side an intuitive vocabulary of abstract forms to reveal an alchemical cosmos – one where scientific reality is at odds with the reality of the unseen. Where plastic and artificial matter are transformed into magical artifacts of consciousness and vision. Hogan dabbles with the occult, bogus magic, pseudo science, shamanism and alchemy. How abstract form takes hold in the mind (critical paranoia), and its links between the visible and the invisible. Intangible mystic truth-perception-vision through science.


(Enter from Rutledge Lane)
OPEN Wednesday to Saturday 12-6pm