Bunyips and Dragons Australian Children's Book Illustrations

Bunyips and Dragons is drawn from a collection of Australian children’s book illustrations, donated to the NGV by Albert Ullin OAM.

Art Exhibition previously on at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia in Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 25 July 2015 to Sunday 04 October 2015

Bunyips and Dragons
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Published by anonymous on Monday 27 July 2015.
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This exhibition of 80 original illustrations presents an overview of children’s picture books produced over the past 40 years. In the 1970s and 1980s the art of illustration rapidly developed, and a new generation of illustrators emerged who helped shape a dynamic and diverse profession. Works from this period include classics such as Ron Brooks’s The Bunyip of Berkeley’s Creek, Peter Pavey’s One Dragon’s Dream and Graeme Base’s The Eleventh Hour, which are represented here. With more than 60 artists, the exhibition covers a great range of subjects and styles, which shows the wonderful visual imagination of Australian illustrators. Bunyips and Dragons will appeal to both children and adults, and will be accompanied by drawing and reading activities.