...a piece of string...

- curated by Al Munro

Textiles are ubiquitous... they are our tea towels, our footy socks and our great Aunt's floral curtains. Textiles also mark rites of passage: birthday dresses, wedding gowns, school uniforms. But textiles have also been at the centre of some of the most important concepts maths and science.

Art Exhibition previously on at MAY SPACE in Waterloo precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Tuesday 04 August 2015 to Saturday 29 August 2015

Al Munro, 'Homage to the Everyday (Indigo)' 2015 image Kirsty Darlaston, 'Hand Eye Coordination' 2014 image

Published by MAY SPACE on Monday 03 August 2015.
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The word line – one of the most fundamental units of Euclidean geometry – is derived from the Latin linea or linen, recounting the string used in ancient times to measure parcels of land. And the nautical unit for measuring speed – knots – refers to the knotted rope which was used to calculate how fast a boat was travelling prior to mechanical devices.

And it is precisely because of this combination of everyday-ness and fundamental spatial qualities that textiles provide artists with a rich ground for exploration.

‘…a piece of string…’ presents the work of Jacqueline Bradley, Kirsty Darlaston, Lucy Irvine, Melinda Le Guay, Jemima Parker, and Al Munro to demonstrate the diversity of artistic possibilities offered by textile-based art media. These are artists who engage with textile forms in order to test the boundaries of art/craft and to work with the specific material and cultural associations of fibre. The exhibition points to the diversity of current textile art practice and alludes to the endless possibilities a single ball of string might provide…


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