Park Nights 2015: Jesse Darling, Antigone

Artist Jesse Darling presents a version of the tragic play Antigone as immersive environment, community theatre and symbolic ritual, reflecting on remembrance and empire.

Art Exhibition previously on at Serpentine Galleries in Greater London, United Kingdom.
From Friday 11 September 2015 to Friday 11 September 2015

Park Nights 2015: Jesse Darling, Antigone

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 04 August 2015.
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Jesse Darling is an artist living in London. Their work addresses the human condition and how it is mediated through the structures, narratives and that govern life as we know it, considering the social and physical body as a site where they manifest and become transformed. JD works in sculpture, installation, text and ‘dasein by design’ – where performance and unmediated experience meet. Exhibitions include Private Settings: Art After the Internet (Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw), Preteen Gallery’s It’s been four years since 2010 and Not Long Now at LIMAZULU, London, 2014. JD is represented by Arcadia_Missa.