Perspectives: Lara Baladi

Egyptian-Lebanese artist Lara Baladi (born 1969) experiments with the photographic medium, investigating its history and its role in shaping perceptions of the Middle East—particularly Egypt, where she is based.

Art Exhibition previously on at Smithsonian in District of Columbia, United States.
From Saturday 29 August 2015 to Friday 05 June 2015

Perspectives: Lara Baladi image

Published by Smithsonian on Tuesday 04 August 2015.
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This installation centers on Oum el Dounia (The Mother of the World), a large-scale tapestry based on a photographic collage. Employing both archival material and Baladi’s own images, the work was transformed into a tapestry in 2007 through the use of a digital loom. Oum el Dounia reflects Baladi’s interest in the proliferation of images of Egypt, and in how technology and interactivity affect the creation, dissemination, and preservation of visual narratives.