Born Again Baroque

Lee-Anne Trewartha

Trewartha's body of work exhibits her trademark style of dramatic monochromatic paintings, that contain chaotic gestural expressiveness and abandon, whilst synergised with controlled harmonious undertones that embody baroque sensibilties of theatricality, drama and otherworldliness.

Art Exhibition previously on in Sydney precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Wednesday 20 August 2008 to Sunday 07 September 2008
Launch Wednesday 20 August 2008, 10am - 6pm, Tuesday - Sunday Monday by appointment

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Published by anonymous on Saturday 09 August 2008.
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The exhibition explores the re-interpretaton of 17th Century Baroque concept of the ‘Bel Composto’ that was aimed at engulfing and transporting the audience to other worlds or to evoke imaginings of possibilities of celestial or divine realms. Trewartha’s re-interpretation aim to project images beyond the normal boundaries of existence into unknown worlds of excess, constraint and spirituality, attempting to make the invisible visible addressing ‘disclosure’ of concealed truths.

Her paintings create an atmosphere where violence and serenity meet, light and contrast become every bit as powerful as form, where shadows create pools of drama and unease and where illusion is so powerful you can reach out and touch it. Figures and faces respond and react to unseen emotional triggers, often only witnesses of something greater, poised on a spiritual, liminal threshold of heightened perception and intensity within an ambiguous narrative.


Paddington Contemporary Fine Art Gallery
Five Ways, 241 Glenmore Road
Paddington, Sydney