Bethany O'Donnell - The Disquiet Up There


The Disquiet Up There is a negotiation of the artist’s own internal dialogue. It is an attempt to express the self-analysis and conflicts that are played out daily in her head. The figures depicted embody this discourse, as they duplicate, merge, emerge from and hide within themselves.

Art Exhibition previously on at red gallery in Fitzroy-Collingwood precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 02 September 2015 to Saturday 19 September 2015
Launch Wednesday 02 September 2015, 6-8pm

Bethany O’Donnell, All Hands In, 2015, watercolour on paper, 38cm x 28cm image

Published by red gallery on Saturday 22 August 2015.
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Each drawing captures snippets of conversations the artist is having with herself. It is a plight she hopes we can all relate to. That we all in some measure grapple with an inner monologue that can cloud our judgment and reason.

The reoccurring motif of the smiley face plastered on these otherwise melancholy figures, puts into play an interest in the junctures between the inner and outer world; surface and interior; private and public.

Born in Sydney, Bethany is a graduate of Sydney College of the Arts. She has exhibited at galleries nationally including Trocadero, Rubicon, Seventh, C3 Contemporary and Mori and was also included in the biennial 2012 NotFair. Bethany currently lives and works in Melbourne.


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