Underground: Lucy Bleach

Underground is a mixed-media installation by Hobart-based artist Lucy Bleach. Underground explores geological processes through seismic data collected in the gallery. A large sculptural form and time-based, shape-shifting elements mimic the slow, dynamic, transforming activity of the earth.

Art Exhibition previously on at Contemporary Art Tasmania in Australia.
From Saturday 05 September 2015 to Sunday 04 October 2015
Launch Friday 04 September 2015, 6pm

Underground image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 26 August 2015.
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Lucy Bleach’s practice focuses on our varied relationships to tenuous, contingent and volatile environments. Previously Bleach has worked with communities in Japan, Vanuatu, Stromboli and Hawaii to produce artworks that reflect their exposure to constant geologic instability and its effect on everyday life.

For Underground Bleach has collaborated with seismologists and electronic engineers to source global seismic data from live web-based monitoring streams, as well as local vibrations from seismic data collected from the CAT site. The two streams of vibrational data will be translated to electronic impulses that trigger
components of the work to shift and destabilise, creating a slow process of destruction over the course of the exhibition.