Future Nature: The evolution will not be televised

The Australian Design Centre’s exhibition Future Nature is presented in partnership with the Australian Museum. Future Nature explores possible futures posed by artists, designers and architects inspired by biology and the natural world.

Art Exhibition previously on at Object Gallery (Closed - see Australian Design Centre) in New South Wales, Australia.
From Friday 28 August 2015 to Friday 16 October 2015

Future Nature: The evolution will not be televised image Future Nature: The evolution will not be televised image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 26 August 2015.
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Describing the goals for the exhibition, Future Nature’s creative producer Tom Rivard said that the vision was to create “a space in which you can wander, and that engages your curiosity. I want people to step inside each cabinet but also inside the head of the artist themselves.”

“I want us all to act like kids in the exhibition.”

Artworks featured in the exhibition will be displayed in contemporary cabinets of curiosity. Artists include Keith Armstrong, Tegan Brain & Jodi Newcombe, Justin Cawley, Eggpicnic, Alan Giddy, Natalie Jeremijenko, Pierre Proske, Dagmar Reinhardt, and Sue Anne Ware.

Each exhibiting designer has had access to the extensive archives, collections, and backrooms of the 188-year-old Australian Museum. The artworks, objects and installations that have been produced for Future Nature range from a reimagining of the Museum’s famous Long Gallery to an interactive soundscape of frog communications and 3D-printed coral ecosystems.

From 26 May at the Australian Design Centre, two designers-in-residence, Eggpicinic and Justin Cawley, have been sharing their creative process with the public in the lead up to the exhibition launch. Over a three-month period, each designer has been visiting the Australian Museum and drawing inspiration from the priceless collections hidden within.