Ali Noble and Nuha Saad

Glitter Is Going Under!

Ali Noble and Nuha Saad provide an antidote to Le Corbusier's intolerant attitude toward ornament.

Art Exhibition previously on at AirSpace Projects in Marrickville precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Friday 04 September 2015 to Saturday 19 September 2015
Launch Saturday 05 September 2015, 3.00-5.00pm

Glitter is Going Under! image

Published by AirSpace Projects on Thursday 27 August 2015.
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‘Glitter is going under!’ So declared Le Corbusier in his critique of ornament. I like to imagine him emphatically banging a lectern with his fist when he says this, or maybe it’s uttered with a cool and confident voice in a smoky men’s club while sipping whisky. There’s no glitter or gilded edges in our installation; but there is flocking, felt, golden curves and ornament with no formal function.
‘Decadence’, mutters Le Corbusier.


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