Susan Wald - Theatre Paintings & Monoprints

Langford 120

Susan Wald’s Theatre Paintings and Monoprints exhibition at Langford120 brings a new perspective to Australian art. The exhibition features eight major paintings, a series of small paintings and mono prints.

Art Exhibition previously on in Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 12 September 2015 to Saturday 10 October 2015

Painting 2, 2015 image Painting 3, 2015 image Painting 4, 2015 image The Exile Trilogy 8, 2015 image

Event published by Susan Wald on Tuesday 01 September 2015.
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Art Historian, Dr M.E. McGuire describes her work as, “a European sensibility focused on the human condition in troubled, treacherous times…the oil paintings, of solitary figures estranged, are a further meditative abstraction using a limited range of colours and the direct force of her mark-making to sustain a drama as we approach these figures reaching out to us.”

The subject stems from two theatre productions, Elektra by Sophocles, directed by Adena Jacobs and The Exile Trilogy, written and directed by Barrie Kosky. Wald’s art pays homage to the best of classic and contemporary theatre. She acknowledges, “I believe that painting in the 21st Century can still be a potent medium – one that is able to speak about and reflect on our time.”

Susan Wald quotes from her Metasenta Publication, Theatre Monoprints 2012 – 2014:
“An old passion of mine is the theatre…I try to find an equivalent and use the theatre as a springboard to develop my own personal visual language.

Samuel Beckett has been one of many influences from the theatre in my work over the last twenty years…reading Beckett’s work sends small shocks through my nervous system, it is like the skeletons of our humanity.

Day after day, I would draw, seeking to make concrete the elusive essence of emotion, form, and space."


Langford 120
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