Frank Grauso; SALA 2008

A text based environment assembled from found words. Part of South Australian Living Artists Festival

Art Exhibition previously on at Nexus Multicultural Arts in Adelaide precinct, South Australia, Australia.
From Thursday 07 August 2008 to Friday 19 September 2008

Land of Milk and Rental Money image

Published by Nexus on Wednesday 13 August 2008.
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Frank Grauso’s compositions are based on re-assembled words from newspaper text cut-outs and rely on the viewer’s own rendition of context and meaning.

Grauso’s intention isn’t the advocacy of any specific prophetic message or insight but the delivery of an out of context subject matter to ignite an individual’s understanding or layers of thought.

In Grauso’s compositions the repetition of identical texts traps the message in its own mantra of focus. The combination of repetitive lines re-enforces its primary message. It evolves into a repeating echo or chant, further creating its own new intrinsic essence and value.

Dr. J. Weiss
Winterthur, Switzerland


Nexus Multicultural Arts Centre
Lion Arts Centre,
Cnr North Terrace and Morphett st