Asserting/Transforming The Art of Rene Robles

As part of the 9th Philippines Art Trek organized by the Embassy of The Philippines, Momentous Arts will showcase a range of works by acclaimed Filipino painter & sculptor Rene Robles.Rene Robles is widely known for his arresting compositions of commonplace objects with heightened emotional intensity and spartan colours. On display are Robles signature works that emphasize the spontaneous

Art Exhibition previously on at Momentous Arts in Singapore.
From Thursday 10 September 2015 to Tuesday 22 September 2015

Waiting image Atelier image Longing image Untitled image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 02 September 2015.
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recording of experience in the most expeditious way.

Esteemed as a senior and major Filipino artist, who has proven, through several decades of active and prolific art making, producing works ranging from portraiture, still lifes, nudes, landscapes,murals, figuration and abstraction; Robles paintings often question the art & the role of the artist.