Bundoora Homestead Art Centre invites exhibition proposals from artists/curators

PROPOSALS DUE: 25 OCTOBER 2015 Bundoora Homestead Art Centre is calling for applications from artists and curators to present projects across all visual arts media and craft. We welcome innovative ideas and a critical approach to contemporary arts practice. We encourage applications for solo exhibitions, group exhibitions and curated exhibitions.

Art Opportunity previously on at Bundoora Homestead Art Centre in Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 10 September 2015 to Sunday 25 October 2015

Bundoora Homestead Art Centre invites
exhibition proposals
from artists/curators

Published by Bundoora Homestead Art Centre on Thursday 10 September 2015.
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Your ideas can translate to a range of spaces within the Homestead. We encourage you to visit before submitting a proposal so that you can select the best space to fulfill your ideas. A floor plan of the various gallery spaces is available here. Before submitting a proposal, you are welcome to discuss your ideas with us first.


Criteria for determining successful proposals include:

• Proposals that promote innovation, diversity and excellence in visual arts practice
• Proposals which are conceptually sound and present a coherent body of work
• Work that is professionally presented and demonstrates a high level of technical skill
• Capacity of the project to develop new audiences

In regard to solo exhibitions, preference is given to artists who have not previously exhibited at Bundoora Homestead Art Centre. To ensure a diverse program, artists who have had a solo exhibition within the last five years, are ineligible to apply for another solo exhibition.

Exhibition proposals will be assessed by a panel comprising the Gallery Curator and staff from the Creative Culture Department of Darebin City Council.

Proposals must be received via this webpage.


Exhibitions are generally for a minimum of six weeks but may be offered for longer periods at the flat rate outlined below.

Gallery 1 $450

Gallery 2 $550

Gallery 3 $250

Gallery 4 $500

Gallery 5 $400

Galleries 1-4 $1,650

Galleries 1-5 $2,050

The Mess Gallery $500

The Pantry $200

The Window $200

Two payment options are available. One payment of 100% can be made with your signed acceptance of the gallery hire agreement. Alternately, a deposit of 30% is payable with your signed acceptance of the gallery hire agreement and the balance of the hire fee 70% is payable 6 weeks before the exhibition commences. Payment of the gallery hire fee can be made by cash or card in person, or by cheque/money order made payable to Bundoora Homestead Art Centre.


• An exhibition opening event. Sometimes more than one exhibition will be opened in the same event.
• Line listings in Art Almanac and Art Guide
• Promotion via the Bundoora Homestead Art Centre website, e-news and Facebook page
• One installation technician to support the artist/s with the install of the exhibition (up to 8 hours: this is negotiable based on project requirements)
• Insurance of the works during their display at Bundoora Homestead Art Centre
• Staff to invigilate the exhibition
• Access to showcases and plinths, if available
• Design and printing of labels, price list and artist statement


• Work collaboratively with the Curator to determine the works to be included in the exhibition
• Provide an exhibition blurb, title, and a minimum of 3 high resolution images to promote the exhibition. These items are required at least 8 months before the exhibition commences
• Provide a 150-200 word biography and 150-200 word statement about the exhibition. This is required at least 1 month before the exhibition commences
• All costs associated with the transportation and insurance of artwork when in transit to and from the gallery
• Collaborate with gallery staff during the installation phase wherever possible
• All works must be ready to hang/present by the time of exhibition. D-rings must be screwed into all framed works
• Provide the final list of works two weeks prior to the exhibition including retail price and valuation
• Bundoora Homestead Art Centre reserves the right to not exhibit works that they deem offensive, unsafe or unfinished


The installation of the exhibition occurs at 9.30am on the first Monday or Tuesday of the exhibition hire period as specified in the gallery hire agreement. It is the Exhibitor’s responsibility to ensure all artworks are delivered to Bundoora Homestead Art Centre at this time. Staff must be contacted at least 4 weeks prior to the start of the exhibition to confirm delivery details. At the closure of your exhibition the Exhibitor must collect all works at 9.30am the following Monday or Tuesday as specified in the gallery hire agreement or, as agreed with gallery staff. Timelines for installation and de-installation must be strictly adhered to as there is no provision for storage of artworks under any circumstances. Exhibitors are required to provide their own bubble wrap and materials for protecting their work/s. Any electrical equipment will need to be tested and tagged at the Exhibitor’s expense.


The gallery maintains an intruder detection scheme, closed circuit television monitoring, and a roving gallery staff presence.


• If you would like printed invitations (quantity 300), these are prepared in-house with our template and will cost $200 in addition to the exhibition fee.
• If your project requires an installation technician for more than 8 hours, we will discuss requirements with you and there may be additional costs. Please note, exhibitions must be installed with a qualified technician appointed by Bundoora Homestead Art Centre. If you require a de-installation technician for more than 4 hours, we will discuss requirements with you and there may be additional costs.
• If you have specific requirement/requests, we welcome you to discuss your application with us.


We take no commission from the sale of any artworks. We will work with you to create a pricelist (where appropriate) and details of any interested buyers will be forwarded to you. We do not handle monies nor make arrangements for collection of the works by the new owners on your behalf. We do not allow sales stickers or prices to be exhibited on the gallery walls.


Bundoora Homestead Art Centre is a heritage-listed building. There are some restrictions on how works can be installed. Some flexibility may be required.


To submit an exhibition proposal click here