Our Land is Alive Hermannsburg Potters for Kids

Australian Rules Football has taken over the NGV! The Hermannsburg Potters have created twenty pots depicting some of the AFL’s best and finest Indigenous players from all eighteen teams. Who do you barrack for?

Art Exhibition previously on at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia in Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 19 September 2015 to Friday 01 April 2016

Our Land is Alive
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Published by anonymous on Friday 18 September 2015.
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Many Indigenous communities all over Australia are passionate about footy. Long ago, a game named marn-grook was played by Victorian Indigenous people, and some say it influenced the development of Aussie Rules. In marn-grook, 50 to 100 players per side fought for a ball made of possum skin by handballing, kicking and marking. Can you imagine a field with that many players on it?

The Hermannsburg Potters belong to a small community 130 kilometres south-west of Alice Springs. They are famous for their colourful terracotta pots which tell stories about their culture and where they live: their Country, the mission days, bush tucker and, of course, football! During footy season the Hermannsburg community get together to watch AFL on TV and on weekends many make the trip to Alice Springs to support local teams.

The pots on display in Our Land is Alive depict important moments across many years of the game. Visit the exhibition and spend time looking at the pots, reading about the moments and watching footage of them on screen. Inspired by the art and displays, visitors are also invited to take part in a pop-up making activity between 10am–3pm.