Allison M. Low


Intrigued by the power play that inadvertently arises between children, Allison M. Low pursued an introspective journey. After three years of exploration and soul-searching, Oddlings matured into a portrait of her umwelt. The result of this process – combined with her love of drawing – has culminated in the works for this exhibition.

Art Exhibition previously on at AirSpace Projects in Marrickville precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Friday 02 October 2015 to Saturday 17 October 2015
Launch Friday 02 October 2015, 6.00-8.00pm

Playing Doctor image Dorothy image Bed image

Published by AirSpace Projects on Sunday 27 September 2015.
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Using children as her subjects, Allison M. Low creates peculiar situations depicting the uncontrollable and erratic desires that lie deep within the human psyche. Drawing from portraits of unknown children from a distant place and time has become a way of detaching from personal calamity. It provides an open landscape to process emotions from a place beyond the immediate mess. By constructing exaggerated scenarios of children – playing twisted games, manipulating and being manipulated, dealing with semi-inanimate existences – Allison M. Low’s Oddlings offer a disconcerting gaze, urging the viewer to engage with their narratives and to question how they themselves might face periods of emotional chaos.

“[Oddlings]… is about desire, vulnerability and loss. Drawing on the discord in human relationships, and the duality between self-worth and self-sacrifice in times of great uncertainty.” Allison M. Low


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