Imprint photography and the impressionable image

Examines the photographic representation of surface imprints and cast objects.

Art Exhibition previously on at Art Gallery of New South Wales in New South Wales, Australia.
From Saturday 06 February 2016 to Sunday 22 May 2016

Imprint photography and the impressionable image image

Published by Art Gallery of New South Wales on Thursday 15 October 2015.
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Life masks, fossils and sculptural casts memorialise their subjects. This is also the task of the photograph. By preserving a representative likeness, a photograph allows us to remember and recollect. Yet the association between photography and the sculptural cast is more complex. A photographic image is produced when light reflected off a physical form is inscribed on a photo-sensitive surface. As an imprint of light, a photograph is itself a cast object.

This exhibition addresses and extends this metaphoric association, investigating the exchange between an object and its echo – an exchange that also serves as a form of masking. Drawn from the Gallery’s collection, all of the photographs in the show feature representational forms that have been produced by the direct contact between subject and material – whether fabric, plaster, wax or cling-wrap. Artists include Fiona Pardington, William Hetzer, Ingeborg Tyssen, Lewis Morley, Horst P Horst, Peter Lyssiotis, Juliana Swatko and Werner Rohde.