Tracey Moffatt Laudanum and other works

Tracey Moffatt is one of Australia’s most influential artists and the Art Gallery of NSW has a substantial collection of her work. This exhibition enables in-depth study of key threads and her particular use of the still and moving image.

Art Exhibition previously on at Art Gallery of New South Wales in New South Wales, Australia.
From Saturday 28 May 2016 to Sunday 04 September 2016

Tracey Moffatt 
Laudanum and other works image

Published by Art Gallery of New South Wales on Thursday 15 October 2015.
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Moffatt’s photographic series Laudanum 1998 and Plantation 2009 are related through the use of old colonial homes as locations for the playing out of fears and desires. The artist’s love of cinema and melodrama is evident, particularly in Laudanum with its references to Murnau’s avant-garde 1922 film Nosferatu. Her ongoing play with the photographic medium is beautifully presented through the toned photogravures of Laudanum and the printing and painting on handmade paper in Plantation.

The montage videos (made with Gary Hillberg) Love 2003 and Other 2009 are two sides of the same coin. Love traces the evolution of romantic love to brutality in the name of love; Other narrates the explosive attraction between races, sexes and genders.