ACCA Startups

This year new video, sculpture, and multi-media works are a feature, and artists explore a range of themes and ideas about the modern world - contemporary modes of communication, modern standards of beauty, how constant stimulation and heightened levels of stress affect an organism’s development and how digital technology has changed the way we see the world.

Art Exhibition previously on at ACCA - Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 10 October 2015 to Saturday 14 November 2015

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Published by anonymous on Sunday 25 October 2015.
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Week 1: 13 – 17 Oct: Dalton Stewart, Periphery.
Subverting reality through various forms of physical and digital distortion, the work facilitates new ways of engaging with images and the Melbourne horizon through a constructed alternate lens.

Week 2: 20 – 24 Oct: Jacqueline Stojanovic, Keeping in Touch.
An audio installation where vintage telephones do the listening and talking for the audience, at the same time drawing attention to slippages in spoken language.

Week 3: 27 – 31 Oct: Lucinda Florence, Above the Knee and Other Concerns.
Drawing on words of wisdom her mother shared about never shaving above the knee, the artist explores beauty standards and the converse, expressed in clay. These ceramics celebrate imperfections – yellowed teeth, thick eyebrows and hairy armpits adorn functional vessels; blackheads and pimples embellish vases.

Week 4: 3 – 7 Nov. Jesse Dyer, Awake.
In an effort to understand how constant stimulation, fragmented rest cycles and heightened levels of stress affect an organism’s development and growth, the artist will disrupt and over stimulate a plants’ circadian rhythm using artificial light.

Week 5: 10 – 14 Nov: Jacqui Shelton, More Politely than Shaking Hands.
Propositions for lazy gestures are presented alongside digital video works that both parody and privilege the convalescent attitude of laziness, while alluding to a greater “expedition” that may have taken place.