Conny Dietzschold Gallery is delighted to announce a solo exhibition by Anne Scott Wilson, a Melbourne based artist

Art Exhibition previously on at Conny Dietzschold Gallery in New South Wales, Australia.
From Tuesday 27 October 2015 to Saturday 28 November 2015

Finitude (?) image

Published by Conny Dietzschold Gallery on Thursday 29 October 2015.
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Conny Dietzschold Gallery is delighted to announce a solo exhibition by Anne Scott Wilson, a Melbourne based artist. Anne Scott Wilson studied painting (she holds a PhD from Monash University Faculty of Art and Design) as a mature-age student following a career in dance. Her practice is informed by theatre, cinema and live performance and is realised across multiple creative disciplines including photography, video, painting, sound installation and performance.

‘An oval shadow rimmed with pink light exits stage left over six minutes.  At it’s edge, shading moves in curves while ‘the matrix’  is playing out of sight. She is transfixed by the image on the wall, a kind of theatre, an entertainment made by the sun setting outside. There is light streaming through the holes where the blinds attach to the window.   

Unaware of how light and sight works, the matrix is a game in time/s and space/s. Two time signatures are playing simultaneously – the shadow from the hole moving at the rate of the setting sun and shadows of flocks of birds circling in the sky above. They are silhouettes inside the hole and my own time – forms that  disappear in that moment.  Unwittingly I have stumbled upon Robert Lanza’s theory of everything, I have encountered quantum physics with its rational postulation that light changes as we observe it.

What appears now thirty years later has come out of my memories of dancing, now with light – a tango – I move towards it and it moves towards me. My relationship with these phenomena has grown over time moving both nearer and further away. An experience lasting 30 seconds has taken 30 years to manifest.’
Anne Scott Wilson

Anne Scott Wilson’s work has been curated into several exhibitions, nationally and internationally including, Selectively Revealed, Seoul, South Korea and Beijing, China 2011; Black Box White Cube – Aspects of Performance in contemporary Australian art, Victorian Arts Centre; The Rotterdam International Film Festival; The Athens Film Festival; The Media Arts Asia Pacific Biennale in Singapore; Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney, NSW; Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne, and The International Urban Screens Festival, Melbourne and solo exhibitions at Arc One Gallery Melbourne.
Her work is held in the following collections: Art Bank, Australia; Australian Video Art Archive, Monash University, Melbourne; Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne and private collections throughout Australia. She has been selected as a finalist in several national photographic competitions and the Blake Prize in 2010. She has been awarded the Australia Council for the Arts residencies at Banff, Alberta, Canada and Liverpool, UK, Nuoro, Sardinia, Italy for the International Ethnographic Film Festival and Can Serrat Artists and Writer’s residency in Barcelona, Spain


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East Sydney NSW 2010