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Dear Sunshine

A seven-day, solitary live-art installation piece dedicated to raising awareness around the disturbing statistics of domestic violence against women in Australia. Street artist and advocate Dear Sunshine will unfurl one large mural across the gallery walls, weaving haiku and illustration.

Art Exhibition previously on at No Vacancy Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Sunday 01 November 2015 to Sunday 08 November 2015

Inkkin, by Dear Sunshine image

Published by No Vacancy on Sunday 01 November 2015.
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Inspired by the women behind the statistics — and the voices of anyone who has been affected by abusive behaviour and domestic violence.

Working in solidarity with White Ribbon Australia, her artwork will encourage community dialogue around the issue and highlight the inspirational resilience we share as human beings when we challenge the dark and hidden places, to help shine a light and bring about healing.

She welcomes contributions of poetry, prose or messages of support, to break the silence on, and speaking out against, this destructive cycle of behavior. To find out how to contribute, please email the artist.