Melbourne Winter Masterpieces 2016 Announced

The world-first exhibition Degas: A New Vision will offer the most significant international survey of Edgar Degas’ work in decades, presenting more than 200 works coming from 41 cities in 13 different countries.

Art Opportunity previously on at NGV International in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 24 June 2016 to Sunday 18 September 2016

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Published by National Gallery of Victoria - International on Wednesday 18 November 2015.
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Uniquely, it will showcase the artist’s talent in a fresh and reinvigorated light; not only as a great master of painting, but also as a master of drawing, printmaking, sculpture and photography.

The exhibition explores key themes and subjects Degas continually returned to throughout his career, including his famous ballet scenes, arresting portraits, the nude, horse-racing, the social world of Parisian nightlife, and women at work and leisure.

Edgar Degas is one of the most celebrated artists associated with French Impressionism. The art he made over more than fifty years of constant creativity and renewal embraces painting, drawing, printmaking, monotypes, sculpture and photography, and has had an immense impact on modern and contemporary art. Modern life as he experienced it in nineteenth-century Paris provided Degas with a repertoire of motifs he explored with endless variation and innovation; from scenes of work and industry to ballet and the theatre, racecourses and boudoirs. This sweeping exhibition brings together more than 200 works by Degas from dozens of collections worldwide, offering a fresh and dynamic reappraisal of this legendary artist’s genius.