The Door in the Wall

Art practice bears the responsibility to conceive of innumerable realities; to reconcile the tension between actuality and imagination. At once, art practicioners are utopians, futurists, visionaries, radicals and progressives. They navigate and mediate between the rational and the more fantastical elements of experience, and explore the relationship between ideation and action.

Art Exhibition previously on at BLINDSIDE in Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 11 November 2015 to Saturday 28 November 2015

The Door in the Wall image The Door in the Wall image The Door in the Wall image

Published by anonymous on Monday 23 November 2015.
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Drawn from H.G Wells short story of the same title, The Door in the Wall posits arts’ function as the go-between, the interruption between reality and imagination. It is that which opens, sits in between, but also provides a way in. Wells questions the conflicts between reality and the imagination, and the difficulty of choosing between them. Artistic practice occupies precisely these grounds, navigating its way through both territories without pledging allegiances to either.

This exhibition examines the agency of the maker, and asks whether one’s art practice can occupy space that is is both directive and undefined, separating what is here and now to what might be somewhere else.