Through their provocative performance based practices Melissa Matveyeff and Diego Ramirez flagrantly use their bodies as expressive instruments of self-exploration, set to challenge ideas around sexuality and self-identity.

Art Exhibition previously on at BLINDSIDE in Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 02 December 2015 to Saturday 19 December 2015


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Melissa comically confronts us with the visceral and abject as she interrogates desire, inhibition and social restraints around the female body. On the other end of the spectrum Diego’s video performances are hyperbolic pantomimes, where fantasy and freak are used as a biographical survey to explore cultural and sexual identity.

Flesh Express juxtaposes Melissa and Diego’s latest practice against earlier works that established their unique and rebellious creative approaches. Through this opportunity to exhibit together they will enliven the gallery through uncanny and kitsch installations and live performance.

Curators | Daen Kelly + Bianca Tainsh

OPENING | Thurs 3 December, 6-8pm
Join us for opening night drinks and a live performance of an evocative new work by Melissa Matveyeff.
Nudity warning.

ARTIST DISCUSSION | Sat 5 December, 4pm
Flesh Express artists Melissa Matveyeff and Diego Ramirez want to share their creative journey with you. In an intimate and candid conversation the artists will discuss their individual approaches to performance art and self-expression whilst covering topics such as production techniques and creative methodology. Please join us for cake and tea at BLINDSIDE.