The Biography of Things

Artists use objects, archives and collections to trace the labyrinthine stories that live behind things. The Biography of Things reveals narratives of loss, intrigue, histories and people, from the objective to the subjective. Working as if detectives, the artists in this exhibition bring a lively approach to object encounters, revealing much about what time has concealed or forgotten.

Art Exhibition previously on at ACCA - Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 05 December 2015 to Sunday 21 February 2016

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Published by anonymous on Wednesday 25 November 2015.
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Ilit Azoulay’s participation in The Biography of Things is supported by The Artis Grant Program

Brook Andrew
Ilit Azoulay
Aurelien Froment
Camille Henrot
Narelle Jubelin
Nicholas Mangan
Rosalind Nashashibi & Lucy Skaer
Kirsten Pieroth
Walid Raad