Crowd Of Fear

Mark Chu

“Night shudders the unknown as shadows scratch the inside of my skull. I fear death, loneliness, ant bites, truncheons, all the same. What frightens you?

Art Benefit previously on at fortyfivedownstairs in Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 16 February 2016 to Saturday 27 February 2016

Published by Fortyfivedownstairs on Thursday 26 November 2015.
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Come share your fear. Watch its golden blaze spread quicker than grassfire. What do those fearless do? Surrender sanity, I bet. Or sit idly in the dark, waiting to have their throats spilled. No, we prefer it blazing hot. Pen ourselves a pit for dance. Waltz to harsh sirens, for the great carnival has arrived!”

In this exhibition of painting, Chu explores the relationship between crowds and fear. Whether through furtive glances, or worried stargazing, Chu’s faces capture unique reflections of fright, often subtle. His figures share close proximity and bear striking similarity in appearance. Indeed, these clusters could be made up of identicals, or people so similar their fears have become identical.