Traveller or Tourist?

Elaine Batton

Traveller or tourist considers the often quoted question with imagery that engages and transports.

Art Benefit previously on at fortyfivedownstairs in Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 16 February 2016 to Saturday 27 February 2016

Published by Fortyfivedownstairs on Thursday 26 November 2015.
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The images expand on travel as it mixes with exploration of light, emotion, past travels and art influences. Elaine Batton’s photography continues her use of a painterly approach, resulting in photography filled with the use of bold colour and contrasts that add depth to the whole composition. Images of beauty, that are timeless and ageless.

The painterly landscapes and portraits are inspired by classic art. The images are shown alongside a selection of representative postcard artworks. The postcards which are such icons/symbols of exploration and travel , provide a glimpse into a visual diary of travel and experiences.