Marc Vellekoop

SCRATCH! is a heady mix of steel and car paint sculptures that combines Marc Vellekoop’s passion for colour, metallic/pearl effect pigments, trippy patterns and high gloss. From car bonnets and front guards to smaller panel sections, the abstract sculptures pop and explode with colour, taking the viewer on an unexpected visual journey.

Art Exhibition previously on at No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 08 December 2015 to Tuesday 22 December 2015
Launch Thursday 10 December 2015, 6-8pm

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Published by No Vacancy on Saturday 28 November 2015.
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To create his psychedelic, multi-layered pieces, Marc grinds, sands, hand cuts and fine carves paint-smothered recycled car panels. Working with car paint layers as thin as human hair, he explores whether the uncontrollable is controllable.

A vehicle painter by trade, Marc repairs scratches and applies paint. As a sculptural artist he creates scratches and removes paint. Some of the panels are altered structurally whilst others retain their original shape.

Dutch-born, Marc has been working on his body of works for SCRATCH! since 2012, with early curatorial advice from friend Jason Smith.

Marc aims to create magic by exposing an innumerable range of differently coloured paint layers, which enhance the 3D depth of each work.

SCRATCH! also features several raw and untreated car panels on the gallery floor (including quarter panels with attached cant rails), which show the hundreds of paint layers before treatment. Time-lapse video recorded in the studio reveals the thin colourful layers taking shape and the transformation of raw canvas to sculpture.

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SCRATCH! by Marc Vellekoop

8 – 23 December, 2015

Opening Launch: Thursday 10 December, 6-8pm

No Vacancy Gallery: 34-40 Jane Bell Lane, Melbourne

For all enquiries please contact: Nadia De Pellegrin, No Vacancy Gallery


No Vacancy QV
34-40 Jane Bell Lane,
Melbourne 3000