'Anima del Circo'

The Malta Maritime Museum, Vittoriosa (Birgu)

An Art Exhibition incorporating 17 large-scale drawings mainly of portraits and figures. This exhibition seeks to capture the soul of the circus, revealing what lies hidden beneath the make-up. These works were executed using oil pastels, pencils and aquarelles, where alongside these drawings, photography and installations are also being displayed.

Art Exhibition previously on in Malta.
From Friday 01 August 2008 to Sunday 05 October 2008
Launch Thursday 31 July 2008, Monday to Sunday from 9.00hrs - 17.00hrs. (Last Admission at 16.30hrs) Thursday to Sunday from 19.00hrs till 21.00hrs. Free Entrance.

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Published by Ainhoa on Saturday 30 August 2008.
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The exhibition entitled ‘Anima del Circo’ deals with the concept of the clown and other circus characters. Through my art works, that generally depict portraits and figures of circus entertainers, allow the viewer to enter into my thoughts and see the performance through my eyes. It is about challenging the spectator to get lost in my imaginary world in order to see me from within, and perhaps also come to a deeper understanding of himself as well as his inner truth and learn to look deeper into the soul of others.

For me, the circus acts as a symbol of life, where clowns and other circus performers replace everyday people, and life becomes the stage upon which they perform. It is not about depicting the truth in the circus of real life, but it is about using this subject as a tool with which to liberate my imagination and inner expression. I do not take my inspiration solely from literary sources, but these art works have been based upon my own personal experience of the circus and past memories and inspirations. It is my circus, and no other.

This exhibition seeks to hit the core of every person, grasping the soul of the circus. In each portrait, the eyes act as the window to their soul, to a hidden world that welcomes the viewer, and leaves him the choice of whether he wishes to enter or not, without being held back by the fear of what lies ahead. My challenge was to try and gently hold the viewer by the hand, unveil the curtain of truth and take him backstage, as the circus entertainers quietly pack up their bags in silence after the noisy performance. It is about allowing the spectator see the true likeness of a clown as he removes his make-up, the clown being totally unaware of the fact that he is being seen or understood for who he really is, from the inside. Everyone looks fine when they faced with a crowd filled with expectations, it is easy to put on a mask and do a performance, but who is that person once he leaves the stage? What does he feel? And what is his accomplishment?

The facial expressions and bodily gestures seek to challenge the viewers to discover what goes beyond first impressions, and be able to go deeper than their physical appearances and question their inner being. Life is not all that it appears to be, and neither is the circus which I wish to uncover. I strove to release the strings of the puppets, in order to show the emotional reality of my circus performance. It is about breaking free each soul, where puppets are no longer controlled by strings but are given the liberty of walking alone.

My art wishes to bring the backstage to the forefront, in order to reveal that which is generally hidden to the common eye. Each clown or puppet represents an individual in society, and although these comical figures wear beautiful masks of disguise, and display extraordinary acts, they may please our eyes, and challenge our minds, but may not necessarily bring joy to our hearts. This exhibition wishes to openly display those hidden emotions as well as the illusions they portray. Although many of these clowns deal with sadness, they are the strongest expressions of their inner emotions. It allows us not only to learn more about the truth in others, but also makes us question the feelings we may keep locked inside of ourselves.

In my opinion, everyone wears some kind of disguise, and this exhibition wishes to expose that which we usually keep concealed. It is about taking off the mask, in order to reveal expressive feelings and emotions that some people try to hide without revealing their true self. It is about letting go of the strings in order to embrace your own freedom and individual expression. My message is one, and that is that we should each look further, into the minds, hearts and souls of one another, be able to love and relate to each person as a unique individual, and not be distracted by artificial appearances, but to be able to search for the beauty of within