From February 26 through May 14, 2016, the Whitney Museum of American Art will present Open Plan, an experimental five-part exhibition using the Museum’s dramatic fifth-floor as a single open gallery, unobstructed by interior walls.

Art Exhibition previously on at Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, United States.
From Thursday 17 March 2016 to Sunday 20 March 2016


Published by anonymous on Friday 11 December 2015.
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The largest column-free museum exhibition space in New York, the Neil Bluhm Family Galleries measure 18,200 square feet and feature windows with striking views east into the city and west to the Hudson River, making for an expansive and inspiring canvas.

Lucy Dodd (b. 1981) emphasizes the ritual and performance of painting for her Open Plan exhibition. Over the course of several days she will be present at the Museum to create a new large-scale painting utilizing unusual materials like fermented walnuts, kombucha scoby, hematite, yerba mate, and pigments she has collected in her travels. By bringing her studio activities into the gallery and inviting a range of collaborators to conduct performances and live music, Dodd fosters what she calls “a space of ritual action and improvisation demanding a longer and broader engagement on part of the audience.” She will also create new sculptural furniture and arrange groups of paintings to serve as “shacks” to host events.

Open Plan: Lucy Dodd is organized by associate curator Christopher Y. Lew.