JamFactory Icon 2015—Giles Bettison: pattern and perception

Identified as the JamFactory Icon for 2015—celebrating outstanding and influential craft and design practitioners—this exhibition of works by Giles Bettison showcases his skills as a master of contemporary murrine glass.

Art Exhibition previously on at Geelong Gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 20 February 2016 to Sunday 08 May 2016

JamFactory Icon 2015—Giles Bettison: pattern and perception image

Published by Geelong Gallery on Sunday 20 December 2015.
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This ancient mosaic glass technique, primarily associated with traditional Venetian glass-blowers on the island of Murrano, has been transformed by Bettison through his blown-forms incorporating radically complex patterns in subtle chromatic registers. His exquisitely detailed works reference the intricate micro patterns of woven textiles, and in contrast, the macro patterns of aerial vistas of landscapes.

A JamFactory touring exhibition