Lauren Silva "Chrysalis"

In her ​highly anticipated ​second solo exhibition at the gallery, Lauren Silva's paintings take on a new sheen. A combination of painting, printing, and collage on ​silk​, Silva's several signature approaches are heightened by the inherent luster of the fiber.

Art Exhibition previously on at Horton Gallery in New York, United States.
From Thursday 07 January 2016 to Sunday 07 February 2016
Launch Thursday 07 January 2016, 6-8pm

Published by Zieher Smith & Horton on Saturday 26 December 2015.
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The painterly quality of her digital manipulations and saturated​, vibrant​ sense of color combine, light sources appear and evaporate, morphing​ and creating a dimensional schism. Distinct layers are often defined by the inclusion of seamless collage elements in the form of applied paper, outlined in black, like cartoon clouds on the parti-color dream of a tranquil pupa. Smaller in scale than those paintings of her 2014 debut exhibition, the new work matches in surreal ebullience their predecessors, praised by Roberta Smith as “big, boisterous semi-abstract canvases (that) exude an impressive confidence… like close-ups of billboards or a tour through some outsize undergrowth in which nature has merged with several brands of abstraction, from early American Modernism to Color Field painting… (Silva) is already is tackling a lot with an astuteness and aplomb that make her a painter to watch.”