An elephant in the room

The installation, titled: An Elephant in the Room was conceived specifically for the SLOT vitrine. Anie Nheu's works explore felt space in intimate and personal context. When thinking through the idea for this public window space, the schism between the private vs the public generated the framework for this project.

Art Exhibition previously on in Waterloo precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Thursday 01 January 2015 to Tuesday 20 January 2015

An elephant in the room image An elephant in the room (close up) image An elephant in the room image

Published by anonymous on Sunday 27 December 2015.
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The geometric and organic forms manifest the flesh of seeing and being seen. The emotion of contradiction is somewhat similar to the idiom of An Elephant in the Room- the schism is something that is obvious and apparent, for some reasons, either a taboo or too difficult, it is side stepped and goes unmentioned. In this respect, it is a metaphorical idiom for the obvious going unsaid. This work encapsulates the emotion where the personal that is unsaid, going on display in a public window.


Slot, 38 Botany Road, Alexandria
Access for viewing: all hours