Return Journey

John Krzywokulski

John Krzywokulski’s paintings take us on a journey that explores the vignettes of narrative within a multi layering of surrealist images. His work combines elements of still life, geometric abstraction, landscape and expressionism.

Art Exhibition previously on in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 26 November 2008 to Saturday 20 December 2008
Launch Thursday 27 November 2008, 6pm

Sunrise of the Previous Night image

Published by Gallery 101 on Tuesday 02 September 2008.
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In this current body of work, the tenacious connection between the figurative and the abstract is stronger than ever. Krzywokulski juxtaposes images to form metaphors. But the images are really just fragments, which occasionally make pictures within pictures. Gestalt based, the reading of these works is opened to private interpretation, the viewer is invited to ‘fill in the gaps.’’ They may not allude to an absolute, but one senses a feeling of time, place and journey.

Krzywokulski does not consider himself a realist painter in any traditional sense, yet the virtuosity of his Trompe l’Oeil realism actually reinforces the fact that all we are really looking at is a flat surface. He is not interested in servile copying but rather employing all his visual elements as compositional and metaphoric devices. Images and forms exist in a space which does not exist, a surrealist device well suited to Krzywokulski’s aims.

(Excerpts from Dr. Christopher Heathcote, ‘John Krzywokulski’s Visual Trickery,’ 1996.)


Ground level, 101 Collins Street

Tuesday – Friday 10am-5pm
Saturday 12pm – 4pm