Her Moving Presence

Gallery Two, The Cranny and Deep Space

Curated by Yvette Hamilton and Danica Knezevic. An exhibition of moving image work by twelve female artists that navigates implied and actual presence through video, projection, interactivity and screen-based performance.

Art Exhibition previously on at AirSpace Projects in Marrickville precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Friday 05 February 2016 to Saturday 20 February 2016
Launch Friday 05 February 2016, 6.00-8.00pm

Katy Plummer, Zombie Suffragist (We Retain Hope That Cooler heads May Yet Prevail) image Handheld - melting image Meditations on Sadness  image Moving Portrait image The Invisible Agent  image La Mère de la Mer   image Absent Present image Tracing Moonlight (still), 2015 image Cross Pollination image Blood on Silk: Bleeding Out image Constructed Motion – Studies I – VIII.  image Lay, Trace, Triple  image

Published by AirSpace Projects on Wednesday 20 January 2016.
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The works presented are reflections of the body as presence, not solely the view of female presence in front of the camera, as the viewed being – but rather, female presence behind the camera, as the viewer/creator. Her Moving Presence explores the negotiation of the feminine self through time, space and objects. The reading of this visible and invisible presence allows the construct of an internal dialogue that affirms the understanding of our many selves. The self is determined internally: therefore the conclusion of feminine identity is never specific or absolute.

These curatorial themes are echoed in the possibilities inherent in the moving image medium. A medium dependent on light and constantly in flux, it is itself defined by both the visible and invisible, and the passage of time. Mediating, and indeed defining, the notion of ‘self’ through screen-based media is almost a ubiquitous part of being visible in the world of a technology driven society. This exhibition looks at the multifarious ways that this manifests from a feminine perspective – from the personal to the political, from gender to cultural issues, from trace to technology.

This project is supported by funding from Marrickville Council.


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