Christopher Day: New Reading Order

New Reading Order brings together imagery from the artist’s own photographic archive, combining myriad unexpected historical and contemporary ideas that do not function as a narrative or series.

Art Exhibition previously on at Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP) in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 05 February 2016 to Thursday 24 March 2016

Christopher Day: New Reading Order image

Published by CCP on Thursday 21 January 2016.
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Rather than seeking to communicate one reading, the artist asks viewers to interpret each image according to their own reading of it without the need to find clear rationale or logical reasoning.

New Reading Order defies easy categorisation, presenting the viewer with images that sardonically resist glib understanding or summary appreciation. Photo-collages sit alongside photographs. Visual puns may be found. New Reading Order fosters a certain ambiguity through elements of surrealism and humour to form an allegorical vision with a sophisticated, nonsensical edge.