simple gifts

michael o'dwyer

An insight into a maker and the intimate detail of work. Kerala Gallery, 283 High St. Northcote.

Art Exhibition previously on in Victoria, Australia.
From Saturday 13 September 2008 to Saturday 27 September 2008
Launch Friday 12 September 2008, 7-8pm

sassafras wall hanging image

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 02 September 2008.
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If there is one thing that Australians do well it is ‘studio furniture.’

Designer-Makers dot the landscape with a specialised knowledge of native timbers and the skills necessary to respectfully craft precious objects.

One such maker is Melbourne artist, Michael O’Dwyer. His debut solo exhibition, simple gifts, will demonstrate a new development in Michael O’Dwyer’s craft skill, blending a minimalist aesthetic with traditional techniques.

This series of sculptural wall hangings, small collectables and contemporary furniture design celebrate Australian flora, displaying this precious resource at its most stunning.

Each lovingly crafted piece tells a story of the material and how it came into Michael’s possession. With avid attention, Michael animates the exhibits with tales of Preston stock feed store demolitions, Moonee Ponds casuarinas and drought stricken, wind fallen timber. The stories reach from as far as the deserts of North West Queensland to Tasmania’s King Valley.

These works will please not only your senses of sight, touch and even smell, but also uncover a narrative of history, landscape and place.

- Fri. 12th sept: Opening Night.
.Sun. 21st: High Vibes Festival. An annual music festival part of the Darebin Music Feast. Musicians playing on the day will be Drumheller (11am) and ii (3pm.)
- Each weekend: Meet the artist. Michael O’Dwyer will be available to give insights into ‘simple gifts.’ This is also an opportune time to discuss with Michael commission work.


Kerala Gallery, 283 High St. Northcote.