Tomorrow's Nest

Jess Leitmanis

Tomorrow’s Nest is a collection of woven vessels and sculptures created with rope reclaimed from the ocean.

Art Exhibition previously on at No Vacancy Gallery in Australia.
From Tuesday 16 February 2016 to Sunday 28 February 2016
Launch Thursday 18 February 2016, 6–9pm

Tomorrow's Nest image Tomorrow's Nest image

Published by No Vacancy on Tuesday 02 February 2016.
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Volunteering with environmental organisations on beach clean-up expeditions, Jess has traveled to remote and wild parts of Australia to retrieve marine debris. What possesses one to seek out ocean ravaged rope in tropical crocodile country and the raw Southern Ocean? What possesses one to drive countless kilometers to relocate 620 kilograms of stench encrusted tangles? Jess has asked herself the same questions. It would not support her plea of sanity if she told you, that whilst unraveling this perishing mass of twisted thread, she almost feels as if she is among friends… Or if she told you of the stories they hold within their battered strands. For Jess, these discarded man-made fragments, escapees of society, hint at the nature of society itself. Decrepit fibres – once awash, navigating the crests of an untamed ocean, clinging wearily to jagged stone, or laying languid, dense with sand – find new form in Tomorrow’s Nest.

Tomorrow’s Nest explores of the concept of home, and what it may mean to belong in an environment. Jess is interested in our connection to the space around us – how we influence culture, and how it influences us. She considers our approach to design; the things we construct and the things we discard; to gain insights into our society and its values. This work contemplates the evolution of the nest, reflecting on our cultural values and their relationship to a collectively sculpted environment.

Jess has exhibited work in group shows across Australia and New Zealand over the past 7 years. Three years ago, Jess sidestepped her full-time design career, to create time for things that bring her the most connection, joy, inspiration and solace. One of these things is making art. Another, is frolicking in a healthy ocean. Her first solo exhibition, Future Sands in 2015, included sculpture made from marine debris. Tomorrow’s Nest is Jess’ second solo exhibition, and the first chapter in a fervent dalliance – her unabashed love affair with rope.

Saturday 27 Feb at 12 noon