Experimenta Recharge

Samstag Museum is delighted to present Experimenta Recharge, the 6th International Biennial of Media Art. Featuring the work of artists who employ, critique and experiment with media and technology, the exhibition’s title – Recharge – looks to artistic practices inspired by and entangled with the past.

Art Exhibition previously on at Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art in South Australia, Australia.
From Friday 19 August 2016 to Friday 23 September 2016

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Published by anonymous on Tuesday 02 February 2016.
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Does knowledge change when it is presented in different technological forms and cultural contexts? Through processes of experimentation and by producing unconventional perspectives, can artists illuminate knowledge for new generations? Can an artwork lead us to new modes of consciousness?

For two decades Experimenta, Australia’s pre-eminent media arts organisation, has showcased dynamic and challenging contemporary art that intersects with digital media, science and technology and design. Works in Recharge draw upon photography, biology, sculpture and installation, electromagnetics, sound art, robotics, gaming, dance, the World Wide Web, performance, 3D printing, animation, film, video, and analogue television. Featuring five new commissions, the exhibition presents the work of more than twenty artists from across Australia as well as international artists from Brazil, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, the UAE and the USA.