Caitlin Patane

‘I erased my drawing today and as hard as I tried the ghost of my time still remained. We should dig up the past so it is not forgotten. What would happen if the people on the body of the Leviathan had the Internet? By battered brim an empty topped plinth carries its smudges.’

Art Exhibition previously on at BLINDSIDE in Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 27 January 2016 to Saturday 13 February 2016

Caitlin Patane image Caitlin Patane image Caitlin Patane image Caitlin Patane image Caitlin Patane image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 03 February 2016.
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<x: An entrusted person
</Start hiding from \/
/*Stop hiding from */
: http://Why do they have no mouths? Don’t they have anything to say?
Some things are swaddled so tightly that breath never reaches air.
- An inconsistent syntax#”>
Sections 43,44,45,47,48,49 and 50 limit each other>> include spaces

diff: A rusty leaf
diff: Walking woman
diff: Disappearing man
diff: My back is packed!
diff: Dear Joan, meet me under the archway, the place that we used to meet
on Mondays, 11am.
I need to speak with you…
I don’t have the energy to fix us and I can’t be the person you call anymore.
Did you give me the thing koalas have?
You will be OK I’ll see you soon.

/>I haven’t seen you in a long time. (Rustling pages)

Are we back yet?
diff: Breeze-soaked candles
diff: A swerving limb leaves a foot behind
diff: Nothing to carry things in
diff: No light in the lamp
diff: Plenty to hold. Will you hold on too?
diff: Dear George, I still want to do it, I like adventures.
Look out the window.
I won’t stop by but I have sent you a pet spider, who calls
to the name Stanley Spencer.
I like adventures even the ones that aren’t fun.
We are flat lines on a scribbled page I think we need
to untangle.

/>Her thoughts were always magic.

diff: All I saw was the back of your head
diff: Multiplied branches
diff: A container that is full and wants to empty
diff: A precise error

\> /Somebody
/* Anybody
\* None

In order for you to pass, all you have to do is talk.
Oi! You are going to get fired!
Where do we keep the numbing cream?

Is there anyone?
Look out the window.
Right at the bottom of the slope we met with crimson
knees. They looked like sandpaper sneaking in their
shadows. I put my toe in it.