PRIMAVERA 2016 – Young Australian Artists

Primavera is the MCA’s annual exhibition of Australian artists aged 35 and under. With a reputation for uncovering new artistic talent, in 2016 Primavera will celebrate its 25th anniversary, a significant milestone for one of the Museum’s iconic programs.

Art Exhibition previously on at Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) in New South Wales, Australia.
From Thursday 29 September 2016 to Sunday 04 December 2016

PRIMAVERA 2016  – Young Australian Artists image

Published by M.C.A. on Thursday 04 February 2016.
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Since 1992, the Primavera series has showcased the works of artists and curators in the early stages of their career, many of whom – such as Shaun Gladwell, Mikala Dwyer, Rebecca Baumann, Jonathan Jones and Jess Johnson – have gone on to exhibit nationally and internationally.

The MCA is thrilled to announce Emily Cormack as the Curator for the next edition of Primavera. Since 2001, Emily has curated and co-curated over 25 exhibitions in institutional, freelance and artist-run contexts throughout the Asia Pacific region as well as in Europe. She has extensive experience working with young artists on the cusp of their career, and the MCA is looking forward to working with her to present the artwork of a new set of young Australian artists to its audiences in 2016.

Primavera was initiated in 1992 by Dr Edward Jackson AM and Mrs Cynthia Jackson AM and their family in memory of their daughter and sister Belinda, a talented jeweller who died at the age of 29.