Our Own Particular Truth

The Contextual Villains

The Villains welcome a new monster to their ranks and celebrate with an adventure into their lives using story-tale photographs and found objects at Platform Gallery, Melbourne.

Art Exhibition previously on in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Monday 03 November 2008 to Thursday 27 November 2008
Launch Friday 07 November 2008, 6pm - 8pm

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Published by anonymous on Tuesday 09 September 2008.
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They came here on boats, with exquisite taste and bad manners they went forth feral and populated.
Their children’s children spoke intimate nonsense shyly in shape-shifting playgrounds.
They altered their egos, telling tall tales amid imaginary worlds of others discards.
They peddled their wares, lines and letters to keep themselves fed full and snug in rugs.
Lazy afternoons sending out stories through tangled cords of collective conscious.
And as the days pass her water-table rises, leaking sympathetic wells of water at the worlds wonders.
Casting shapes in the expectation of an approaching villain.
They labour in rapture to extract from the under-land a wide eyed monster, fiercely silent and already hunting for truffles.
The path to his lair littered with severed heads and indecipherable marks, left to guide his companions in the lessons of chaos.
In the search for the way of things this fledgling clan seek simplicity regardless of the fears that face them.
Together they prepare for exploration of uncharted territories -
In the knowledge that their time together is fleeting and the end is theirs alone.


Platform Artist Space
Under Flinders Street in Campbell Arcade (also known as Degraves Street Subway). The subway connects to the Flinders Street Station train platforms and can also be reached via stairs off Degraves & Flinders Streets.