Appropriation, Art And Photography After The Internet

This panel, chaired by Dr. Ben Burbridge debates the politics of appropriation in the work of contemporary artists using web imagery in their work.

Art Symposium previously on at The Photographers' Gallery in Greater London, United Kingdom.
From Thursday 03 March 2016 to Thursday 03 March 2016

Appropriation, Art And Photography After The Internet image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 24 February 2016.
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Why have so many artists turned to twentieth-century models of appropriation art to engage with networked image culture? How do these approaches help us to understand photography today, and what are their potential blind spots? Are there alternative approaches available to artists? What does ‘appropriation’ mean to a culture defined by the continual and rapid re-use of images?


Ben Burbridge (Writer, Curator & Lecturer in Art History, University of Sussex. Photoworks Co-Editor)

David Evans (Research Fellow, History and Theory of Photography Research Centre, Birkbeck, University of London. Editor of Appropriation, Whitechapel, 2009)

Rozsa Farkas (Writer, Curator & Founding Director of Arcadia Missa)

Mishka Henner (Artist)